Print Designs


Logos are to print layout what a short story is to a novel.  It is long form design, and allows taking the colors, concepts, or motifs established in a logo or letterhead and extend them through an entire page or brochure, while also giving the freedom to change and play with other colors and design elements. 



After considering ideas from my clients, I work by often times sketching out concepts on paper.  I’ll think about how a page will look on its own, or if it’s likely to be next to similar ads.  Will this brochure be eye-catching on its own, as well as in a large stack?  How does it look upside-down and from different angles?  How will size affect the detail required on a particular piece?  Will a shirt stretch in a strange way on different body types?  Taking the time to think about your design from all perspectives and uses will net better results for the client, and a better connection with their customers. 



These designs I have selected here show a variety of projects I’ve worked on over the years, in different mediums and sizes, from a small sticker to full sized poster.  I love looking back on the variety of projects I’ve been a part of over the years, and how that has prepared me to confidently take on all kinds of work today.  

© 2013 by Christopher A. Richards