Logo Designs


Logo design is what I, and many, start with when they become initially interested in graphic design.  Locked within a small space, the expectation is to communicate as much as possible, quickly and clearly.  Logos can vary from simple text to complex and realistic images, but to be successful they must be memorably distinct without looking unappealing. 


I’ve always taken a minimal approach to logos.  I start with a single color, and draw from that, taking into consideration how the logo will be applied.  Being mindful of its intentions, I’ll work within what are likely to be constrictions based on the logo’s use.  I’ll ask myself questions such as “will this appeal on clothing” or “will this show up in black and white printed newsletters or advertisements”.  I also like to work with clients closely, and give multiple options or ideas on how they want their company to be presented. 



I’m happy to report that my clients have always been pleased with the work I’ve turned in.  Sometimes a little bit of magic is hit upon with the first draft, but other times it’s only after many different takes on a concept.  Though they are small and sometimes very basic, the logo of a company is the visual equivalent to a handshake, and an aspect of design that is very important to the vitality of a brand. 

© 2013 by Christopher A. Richards